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Mike Fowler Controversy

Why instructors should not hook up with students and updates on the Mike Fowler situation . #Bjjdrama #controversy #relationships

Promoting a great training environment

The environment of an academy can make or break it. I’ve thought a lot about this topic. Both as an instructor and as a student. And my hypothesis is that academies with a great training environment tend to do better financially and in competitions. It’s hard to explain what makes for a great training environment. However, I do know that no matter how good your academy is there will always be someone that gets rubbed the wrong way. You can’t please everyone. And that’s okay.

Build better relationships with your students

You work really hard to build your martial arts academy. Finding the right location. Training staff. Teaching classes. Marketing your programs. It’s a lot of work. Especially in the beginning when you might have to fill in for a lot of roles. From my own personal experience I’ve had the opportunity to be the janitor, the instructor, lead salesperson, staff manager, social media specialist, and much more. Especially, in the beginning when you might be a one man show. Hopefully

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