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Defending Heel Hooks in 2023

Updated: Jan 16

Heel hooks are one of the most dangerous moves in submission wrestling and bjj.

And the fear of getting injured from leg locks is a big reason that keeps many people from training.

So that makes having awareness and knowing the proper defense that much more important for you to know.

The most important thing is to address the position early for instance if my partner gets me in the single leg x or as my Danaher friends like to call it, the ashi garami.

Instead of trying to pull out of this position and giving up the outside heel hook.

I can deconstruct it by removing my partners leg off of my hip while maintaining that trapped foot on the floor and hitting a quick back step.

If that doesn't work I can try to press my partners legs away while slipping my knee out.

But you have to make sure you practice this as there won't be much time for error.

And if your partner is savvy they may try to pull you into a reverse x guard. Which is a transition that a lot of high level grapplers are hitting now a days.

And you could end up here.

Which used to be pretty bad.

But as long as you keep your trapped knee pointed away from your partner and are able to separate one of their arms. You can deal with this position.

And maybe even set up your own attacks.

For details be sure to check out the full video on my YouTube channel

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