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Martial Arts Business Toolkit

After years of writing on topics concerning the business side of martial arts. I decided to compile everything that I’ve learned into a easy to read guide. The Martial Arts Business Toolkit.

I know many athletes all over the world pursuing Jiu Jitsu as their career.

But even if you’ve made a name for yourself, and established yourself as a skilled competitor and instructor. It’s still hard.

As Jiu Jitsu continues to grow, more and more people are going to look to make a career out of it.

It’s only natural. In the America we’re always told that you should follow your dreams and do what you love.

But what are the options for someone looking to make a career out of Jiu Jitsu?

The most obvious, and the one that I hear everyone say is that you should open up an academy.

>Get a black belt. Open an academy.

>Win a world championship. Open an academy.

>No other skills. Open up an academy.

I expect most high level Jiu Jitsu competitors too have this thought cross their mind at some point. But running an academy is a business, and just like you have to prepare your techniques before entering a tournament. You also have to prepare yourself to run a business.

Starting an academy takes preparation, patience and resources.

And if you foolishly rush into this it can be an expensive lesson.

If you are dead set on having an academy one day in the future then you should be learning about the business aspects of running an academy as soon as possible.

Easy test: If you had to work the front desk at your academy for one hour would you be able to handle everything without a hitch?

You would be surprised that many academy owners and instructors are completely lost when it comes to handling basic business operations. Let alone doing basic accounting, marketing, and sales. Things that make businesses successful.

All the Jiu Jitsu technique in the world won’t help you when it comes running your business.

In my Martial Arts Business Toolkit we will cover:

  1. How to fund your academy

  2. Marketing your programs

  3. Different systems that I use

  4. Common mistakes to avoid

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