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A few months ago I decided to blog about my training, my traveling, and my philosophy on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the martial arts.

I don’t think of myself as some type of guru or anything special like that.

I just realized that there weren’t that many high level competitors out there writing about their journeys.

There are a few that might post about their seminars and dvd releases. But other than that, I guess they are too busy.

Regardless, I promise to always provide content that will bring value to you.

I promise to post regularly but never spam your inbox.

Many guys will blow up your inbox when it comes time to launch their new revolutionary product or video series.

But I’m in this for the long run.

I want to grow the martial arts in a positive way.

In that I promise to keep writing about topics relevant to the martial arts industry and keep setting a higher standard.

Again, thank you for joining my newsletter and I will talk to you soon.

Thanks for subscribing to my website. I promise to bring value and never spam into your inbox.


Alec Baulding

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