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The Most Underrated Takedown in BJJ

The fireman's carry is one of the most useful takedowns in bjj as it's relatively easy to learn and to implement into your game.

There's a ton of variations on this move so today we will focus on the very basics ignored to get you into the position.

Controlling your partners wrist we need to make sure our head goes into the armpit on the same side.

As we drop down be sure to watch out for getting your back taken if you end up out of position as well as the...

crucifix off a failed fireman's carry

There's also a ton of ways to finish your fireman's carry but I'm partial to the S-sit which can take some mobility but is otherwise fairly safe.

Again make sure to keep control of your partners arm as well as to have proper head placement into the arm pit for this variation and then let it rip!

Complete the move by coming on top and establishing a dominant position on your partner.

If you would like to learn more about this takedown be sure to check out the full video on my YouTube channel

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