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The progression of suckage

Jiu jitsu is hard and you will suck for a long time. There I said it 😆.

I’m serious, Jiu Jitsu is a hard art form to pick up. Because it has lots of weird movements that will take your body time to adjust too as well as just the over all skill set you will need to become proficient in before you can even have an idea of what you’re doing.

In the beginning, you can kind of brute force your way through training. But that’s a quick way to getting injured or burning out.

I like to look at training very much like how you would teach mathematics to students.

Starting as a little kid you learn how to count. You learn the numbers.

You have no idea what they mean. 

So when some one asks you how many toys you have you might know the numbers by name but you haven’t quite connected the idea of the number with the corresponding quantity.

All this to say that it takes times to put into practice even the simplest of concepts.

But you have to get these simple concepts down before you can do more complex steps.

Just like how you have to learn to count before you can start to add and subtract.

Once you have a strong foundation in the basics then you can move up into higher levels.

The same thing in Jiu Jitsu. You move up a skill level only to find that you have some weakness that you need to work on or that your skill is not meeting the proficiency of others at your skill or belt rank.

When that happens, a lot of students focus what they’re bad at. They focus only on the fact that they suck in comparison to their peer group. But I can tell you as an instructor with 10+ years of experience that everyone does something really well. It’s just a matter of finding that something.

If you have a good instructor then they may be able to point that out to you or to at least keep you motivated until you find that certain something that you are great at.

If you only focus on what you’re bad at or what you suck at like the poster above. Your mindset is way to negative to make progress. 

Instead focus on what you do right and from that figure out what you do well.

It could be a certain move that you are able to hit consistently or maybe your defense is so good that it gives higher belts a hard time.

Keep your mind on the positives and I’m sure it will payoff throughout the entirety of your Jiu Jitsu and life.

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