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Always assume that your opponent will be bigger, faster, and stronger than you

This is the old school way of thought in Jiu Jitsu that gets overlooked a lot now a days. And I think it’s both good and bad. Old school Jiu Jitsu, at least in America, was always centered around usefulness in a fight. Especially during a time when everyone thought that karate black belts needed to register their hands as deadly weapons and that the dim mak or death touch was real. —So what better way to promote Jiu Jitsu than to have it work in a fight?— Which is exactly wha

Bringing Value on Social Media

With all my posts on social media I try to bring value each and every time. Lots of athletes can post pictures of themselves looking cool on the beach or some random shit. But what value does that bring you? Unless you’re entertained by living through other people’s pictures that they post on social media. When you guys check out my content I want it to help you solve a problem. It could be a problem with your guard. Or maybe I show a defense to a submission that you keep get

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