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This move shouldn’t work in no gi: the best tool for gi competitors trying no gi

The collar sleeve position is a great starting point for setting up your attacks from your open guard. Super effective for setting up the omaplata and triangle as well as some of the newer movements such as the berimbolo, farside collar sleeve, and matrix style attacks. #lassoguardBjj #lasso #lassodefense #Nogi #nogiJiuJitsu

How to pass the deep lasso guard without getting swept

Defending the deep lasso guard. The deep lasso is one of those positions that offers guard players a lot of versatility. There are great options for sweeping and setting up attacks like the omaplata. Today we work on a way to defend against the sweep and position ourselves to pass the deep lasso. #deeplasso #lasso #lassodefense #lassoguard

Defending the stack pass from spider lasso

I’m wearing the no gi attire in this video but I had a student ask me how to defend against the stack pass while playing an open guard like the spider lasso. Its important that you understand your guard positions well enough to know what your opponent will try to attempt because that will make your defense that much sharper. Of course, we can still get caught off guard. But it will allow us to have a guide as to what steps to take next. In the accompanying tournament video, I

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