Promoting a great training environment

The environment of an academy can make or break it. I’ve thought a lot about this topic. Both as an instructor and as a student. And my hypothesis is that academies with a great training environment tend to do better financially and in competitions. It’s hard to explain what makes for a great training environment. However, I do know that no matter how good your academy is there will always be someone that gets rubbed the wrong way. You can’t please everyone. And that’s okay.

Common Ground

With the 2016 presidential election out of the way. I think now more than ever the Jiu Jitsu community needs to come together. This past year I’ve witnessed friends and training partners bickering, fighting, and name calling. I’m sure that a lot of friendships were damaged on and off the mats. In Jiu Jitsu we aren’t strangers to dealing with politics. It’s everywhere around us. There’s politics in belt graduations. Who gets promoted versus those that are held back longer. Pol