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Losing Members

This isn’t a topic that I’ve heard spoken about often in the martial arts, especially in Jiu Jitsu.

When you first start an academy. It’s often a small, tight knit group of loyal members that decided to believe in you and your vision.

And if you’re lucky, your program and your academy will begin to grow as you become more successful.

Gaining new members is great and is a sign of a great business.

But what about losing students?

No matter how good your retention is or how awesome your customer service is people will both flow into and out of your academy.

As an instructor, I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself in the past to do everything in my power to keep students pumped and excited to train. Which every instructor should strive towards.

But we can’t control everything that happens in the lives of our students.

Some students move.

Some students have families to support and to think of.

Some students don’t like how long it takes to get promoted.

Some students don’t want to train past a certain level.

I’ve written a lot about why many students stop training at blue belt. Which you can check out here.

In reality, it happens at all levels. I’ve seen people quit at white belt all the way to black belt.

Sometimes life gets in the way and sometimes your teaching style or personality doesn’t mesh well with the student.

You can’t possibly please every student and that’s okay.

That’s what I want you to take from this post.

It’s okay if your program isn’t right for everyone.

As an instructor, we never know what role we’ll play in the lives of our students.

Sometimes we are a mentor to students needing guidance.

Or a father figure to students with no strong (male) role models.

I’ve been a strict taskmaster for students needing a kick in the pants.

I’ve also been a sound board to students needing someone to listen to their problems or business ideas.

When you become an instructor you will have to fulfill many roles. Some less desirable than others.

Just try your best and give your best everyday.

There’s no secret to keeping students. Create bonds with them and keep providing the best possible service to them.

If they leave it’s okay.

Maybe it was their time to leave and start on some other journey.

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