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Omoplata Basics From A to Z

The Omoplata is one of the greatest positions and submissions in bjj.

Not only does it work really well for all body types but you also don't have to be super flexible to utilize this move.

I've touched on how to get to the omoplata in serval videos on different open guards so today we will focus more on the mechanics of the position.

The most basic detail when utilizing the omoplata is to make sure you maintain control of the trapped arm between your legs because if we lose the elbow or the arm is improperly placed can really break this movement.

So you want to make sure that the arm is on your hip nearest to your partner and not like the picture above.

Once you have proper control the next big focus for us will be on the leg control. I always make sure to have my nearside leg triangles on bottom of the far side leg to give us more control in the omoplata because if your feet are switch this can happen...

Which we obviously don't want.

The last detail that I want to focus on his how to control your partners posture which is a major sticking point when doing the omoplata.

My favorite technique for this is to utilize your far side are between your legs and grab your parters nearest lapel. This will not only make it harder for them to posture up and potentially stand up out of your omoplata but it's also impossible to break.

Which I like to call a tether grip.

There are so many little nuances and details on how to control the omoplata so if you would like to learn more about this position and submission be sure to check out this Youtube video where I go over all the details you will need to get started.

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