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Anxiety and pressure from the warm ups in training

I think this really depends on the instructor.

If your academy does the traditional running warm up then you are out of luck. You will just have to practice those movements until they feel more natural.

Definitely get your rolls (forward and backwards) and shrimping down since they are super important.

I actually hate doing warm ups like this. I mean they are great for getting students warmed up and especially for beginners.

And I know I might trigger a lot of people saying this but I prefer to warm up with the techniques that I use. Of course, not starting at 100% right off the bat. But slowly easing into the more.

For instance, if I know I will be doing guard work. I like to warm up by going through my different options from my guard like my sweeps and submissions. Warming up both my mind and my body.

This is my preferred way to start my training as an advanced practitioner.

But I can tell you from teaching for so many years that everyone is different and has different goals from training Jiu Jitsu. Some might be into it for fitness, others for self defense, self confidence, competition, etc.

As an instructor the best thing I would do is just mix up the warm up so that it never catered to one group all the time.

Some days we would do takedowns to warm up since many academy’s neglect takedowns. Other days we would work more basic movements that the new guys might have missed and the higher belts had gotten rusty on.

So for the poster above, before quoting or continuing to complain. I would reach out to the instructor and voice your concerns.

Students very often forget that their instructors are people too and sometimes don’t even notice that students — particularly new students in this case — are struggling and may need to scale the class down a bit until you are able to keep up.

I believe your best bet would bet would be to talk to the instructor in advanced of the class or even message them your thoughts.

I know that I am not a mind reader. If I see a student struggling I will try my best to help. But if it’s in a class with 80 other students, it can be hard to address every student and give them attention that they need.

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