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Never apologize for losing

You should never apologize for losing because you didn’t do anything wrong. 

After every major tournament or even small tournament I always see competitors make this long post about how they are sorry for letting all their friends and training partners down because they didn’t medal in a tournament.

And I used to feel the same exact way but after you compete for a few years you begin to realize that no one really cares if you lose. In fact, they often will forget your losses especially after a major win.

It’s more about what you take from the experience of competing: were you able to use the techniques that you practiced in training and drilled countless hours on, were you able to calm your nerves and think straight while competing, did you enjoy the experience and give it your best shot.

These are the questions that I ask myself before and after competing because you have to realize that it’s a luxury to compete.

It’s a luxury to be able to afford to compete both financially and also in the sense that you are healthy and skilled enough to participate in this strenuous activity.

Especially, when many people don’t have that ability or the drive to do something like competing in a tournament.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve trained. Everyone gets nervous and maybe even a little bit scared before competing.

But when you step up to the mat. Shake hands with the referee and then with your opponent and the match starts. You’ve already achieved something in my eyes.

You were able to overcome your fear and uncertainty. Win or lose that’s kind of the point behind all of the stuff it’s it’s about your personal journey and how your training jujitsu affects your life and the person that you will become.

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